Founded on the 1st of June, 1971, by Chris Bornman and Peter Hayward, Bornman & Hayward emerged as a partnership, transitioning to its corporate status in 1998.

Presently, under the entity of Bornman & Hayward Inc., the firm has achieved prominence as a preeminent legal firm within the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. The firm presently comprises three directors, each entrusted with the leadership of distinct departments. These directors are supported by a proficient and dedicated support staff.

The foundational ethos of Bornman & Hayward resides in the diligent provision of professional services characterised by integrity, efficiency, and a results-oriented approach. The firm extends its professional expertise to a diverse clientele, which encompasses, among others, commercial and financial institutions, real estate developers, local authorities, construction firms, insurance enterprises, and private individuals.

Bornman & Hayward takes pride in its historical lineage and the legal precedent it has established within the Northern Suburbs and the broader Cape Town metropolis. Empowered by our devoted professionals and adept support staff, we enthusiastically anticipate embracing forthcoming challenges that the future may unveil.

Natashe Terblanche – Home Loans Consultant:

Bornman & Hayward provides sound advice on all property related matters, they are solution driven and complete all instructions on a time efficient basis.


Attorneys, Notaries, Conveyancers And Mediators