Conveyancing Department

Our Conveyancing Department is currently run by three practising Conveyancers of whom two are also admitted Notaries. The senior conveyancers have more than 25 years’ experience each.

As such the team is assisted by experienced professional and paralegal assistants of whom some have also been in the industry for more than 30 years. As such a wide range of experience is brought to the benefit of our clients.

As a firm that believes in assisting the client with the whole of the conveyancing portfolio we are confident that we can bring energy and excitement to one of the biggest decisions of one’s life.

Buying and Selling Property: Who Pays What Costs?

We offer amongst others, the following services:

Individual transfers

As most conveyancers we naturally attend to the transfer by and from individuals buying and selling their pride a biggest asset , their family home. We have various loyal clients who have been with the firm over the 50 year existence of the firm and constantly return for more assistance and the kind of service they are accustomed to. Referrals are a common experience. As transfers do not only transpire from sales but can also generate from divorces and settlement agreements between parties we can also assist with these matters.

It is our aim to always realise that the acquiring or selling of a family home is one of the biggest decisions in life and that constant feedback to our client is keeping them relaxed that the process is running smoothly.  Our personnel is trained to the highest standards to make the process as enjoyable for seller, purchaser, agent and developer.

We have built strong ethical relationship with agents over the years and are proud to know that we look after buyer and seller, no matter who appoints us.


We have been fortunate enough to have assisted developers in the past with the opening of various housing schemes. As such we have years of experience in the development of Cluster homes developments, Sectional title developments, Retirement housing developments that consist of freestanding homes as well as sectional title units and the various intricate Constitutions, Acts and Regulations that affect each of these. We feel comfortable to regard ourselves as experts in the field of retirement developments and how these communities work. We have close relationships with experts in the fields of Sectional Titles.


Retirement villages

As a natural outflow of the fact that we have assisted with the registration of various Retirement schemes we have been fortunate enough to have built good relationships with Retirement villages in our area. As a natural outflow of these services we are the trusted advisors for some of the villages even after the schemes have been finalised. Our Real Estate Agency, Bornman Hayward Properties, has good relations and are trusted role players in the marketing of these houses. We understand the intricacies of retirement living and the questions and issues that possible buyers have when considering to sell their family home of many years to buy in these schemes as these schemes are highly regulated and the occupant has to comply with them as well as health requirements  that need to be addressed before entering into the purchase agreement .

Low Cost Housing

Over the years we have been a role player in assisting the local government with the transfer of low cost housing to individuals who have long awaited housing. We have always seen this as part of our contribution to be able to deliver Title Deeds and as such a home to people that have been long awaiting these houses. We are privileged to help and feel humbled by assisting in these projects. We have been part of several of these developments over the last 30 years and will continue to be of service if so requested.


Our Bond department is on the panel of most of the established Banks in South Africa . We can also assist with cancellation of bonds from most of these Banks.

We are entrusted to be on the panel of one of the biggest Banks in the country’s Commercial Bond Panel and have vast experience in these intricate bond registrations. We have a bond department that is capable to assist most of our clients with the registrations of Bonds to purchase their dream houses.

Deceased estate Transfers

As part of our expert services Bornman & Hayward has been on the panel of various banks for more than 30 years as panel attorney to assist with estate transfers over the years. As such the conveyancers have a vast knowledge and experience in the administration of estates and the intricacies and time lines that the estate administrators have to deal with. We are able to assist with advice in respect of how these transfers have to be done and is often requested to assist in the drafting of redistribution agreements. We understand the intricacies of beneficiaries and inheriting assets that need to be divided or need to be sold and can handle these matters with integrity and understanding. We have clerks that attend at the Master’s office on a daily basis and as such matters are followed up regularly and personally.

Notarial Department

We pride ourselves that we have more than one Notary that can assist the Public. These services are not widely available. We can assist with general notarial services, services relating to transfer of exclusive use areas , attending to documentation being Appostilled, drafting of General Power of Attorneys that need to be used in SA or overseas, the assistance with the required processes at DIRCO for overseas use of documentation, drafting and registration of Ante Nuptial contracts, drafting of praedial and personal servitudes as well as those more intricate servitudes found in and around farm properties.

Estates Department – administration of deceased estates and drafting of wills

Complementing the expertise in the transfer of deceased estate properties on behalf of deceased estates Companies , we also have an administration of estate department that can assist our clients with the administration of a beloved family member’s or friend’s estate. We have clerks attending the Master’s office on a daily basis and can follow up on these matters frequently. We feel proud to make the promise of personal assistance and a reachable individual and director overseeing these matters in a traumatic period in one’s life. We believe that empathy and an ear to listen to are rights that the executor and beneficiaries involved in the estate are entitled to when administering the estate. Fees are negotiable depending on the intricacy of the matter and amount of work to be done.

Our own real estate agency- BORNMAN HAYWARD PROPERTIES

Bornman Hayward Properties was born when we realised that we can assist in providing a one stop shop for our clients. As a natural outflow to be involved in transfers , deceased estates, deceased estate transfers, developers and wills and administering of deceased estate matters, we realised that these people need someone to talk to about selling their major asset. Our lead conveyancer is also a trained real estate agent and the Principal of Bornman Hayward Properties. Although we have a specialist agent in the field of retirement village homes we can market your property in any area. Having years of conveyancing experience to back up any legal issues and a litigation department that can assist when a deal needs a more forced hand, we are proud to be able to provide a holistic service in the property field.

I thank Bornman & Hayward for the invaluable help they have provided me with as one of their Clients since August 2016. Their service, guidance and understanding while handling my case was incredible. I am grateful for their efforts and look forward to continue business relations with them in future. Bronwyn Chambers – Family Law Client


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