Litigation Department:

Our litigation department offers an extensive range of legal services with the primary objective of effectively representing and advocating for our client’s interests in diverse legal disputes. Our firm’s attorneys possess exceptional skills in navigating intricate legal proceedings, offering on-the-point legal advice, preparing pleadings, conducting thorough investigations, representing clients in court hearings, and seeking favourable outcomes through negotiation, settlement, or trial. We are dedicated to delivering diligent, proactive, and result-driven representation, upholding integrity, in order to safeguard our client’s rights and achieve their legal objectives in a timely yet efficient manner.

We offer amongst others, the following services:

General and commercial litigation

We offer legal advice and representation in general and commercial litigation matters. Our services include advising and representing clients in various types of general litigation, such as cases involving breach of contract, property evictions, damages claims, and debt collection.


Additionally, we offer legal advice and representation in commercial litigation matters, including disputes between legal entities, disputes between companies and their directors, and disputes between shareholders of a company.

National Credit Act

We offer legal advice on compliance with the National Credit Act (NCA), including the obligations created by credit agreements, interest rates, fees, and credit reporting requirements.

In addition, we offer expert drafting and review services for credit agreements, ensuring that they fully comply with the provisions of the NCA and safeguard the interests of our clients.

We represent various financial institutions in litigation matters pertaining to the enforcement of rights under the NCA and credit agreements.


Construction and Building Disputes

We offer legal advice and representation in matters pertaining to construction contracts. We offer comprehensive advice on construction and building disputes, including those arising from building contracts, defects, and delays. Our services also encompass dispute resolution and arbitration as a result of alleged breaches of the terms of building contracts.

Family Law and Divorce

We offer legal advice and representation to clients in the area of family law. Our services encompass a wide range of matters, including divorce, access care and contact with minor children, division of matrimonial property, maintenance disputes, and domestic violence matters. Our objective is not limited to offering legal advice but extends to providing comprehensive support and guidance to our clients during challenging personal circumstances.

Insolvency Law

We offer legal advice and representation in matters pertaining to sequestrations and the winding up of companies. Sequestration refers to the legal process of declaring an individual or entity insolvent, while the winding up of companies involves the dissolution and liquidation of a company’s assets and affairs.

Our services include amongst others, advising on and assisting with business restructuring and turnaround, representing creditors in protecting their rights and interests in insolvency proceedings, and attending to insolvency-related litigation, which includes bringing sequestration and winding up applications to Court.

Interdicts, attachment of property, sales in execution and foreclosure

We offer legal advice and representation aimed at assisting clients in obtaining interdicts to prevent harm or protect their interests, attaching property to recover debts, and representing clients in sales in execution and foreclosure proceedings.

Alternative dispute resolution

Mediation and arbitration are recognised as effective and efficient means of resolving disputes outside of traditional court litigation.

We offer legal advice and representation aimed at assisting clients in resolving disputes through alternative methods of dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.

I highly recommend Bornman & Hayward Attorneys for their exceptional legal services and representation. Their professional team possesses extensive expertise, providing tailored solutions across various practice areas. They consistently deliver outstanding results, navigating complex legal matters with ease.

Jaco Roux
Aquarium Holdings Group CEO


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